Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scratch and Etoys challenge

Today in my control tech class, our teacher suprised us with a challenge. The challenge was to make the same activity on two seperate programs which are both complete different but use the same concept of scripts. The two programs were Etoys and Sratch. We paired up in partners and one on each program to solve the challenge.

I work with Air-Sok and I (dude) was on Scratch and Air-Sok was on Etoys. Air-Sok and I choose the activity of making a picture move towards the mouse and also glide where ever we clicked.

First ill start with what I did on scratch then later move to Air-Soks challenge.

Here is the object I used for this challenge. (Default Scratch image)
Scratch was simple to finish the activity because it was supposed to be done on scratch.
Here are my scripts that i used to make it.

The first script is used so the picture would move when I clicked on a certain spot. I used the glide because if I didn't the picture would just blink to the spot instead of slowly going there. The 0.2 seconds is used for the ammount of time it takes for the script to move to that spot.

The second script is used so the picture would follow the mouse where ever it was.

Using scratch was very easy and simple because i've already done it before, I just had to remember how to use scratch which took around 5 minutes but after that I got it all. Using Scratch to do this challenge was easy because you are able to manipulate the boxes like in script 1 where I could apply the mouse X and Y coordinates.

On etoys the task was surprisingly harder then I expected it would be. The etoys layout is quite badly set out which made it very difficult to find the correct commands to script the objects.

Below will display the scripts that I used to script the objects:

The first script makes the arrow point towards the yellow dot that appears when I click on the playfield with my mouse. The arrow will stop when it touches the yellow dot and moves again once the dot is moved to a different location on the playfield.

The second script enables the yellow dot to follow the x and y coordinates of the mouse when it is clicked on the playfield.

The biggest problem I faced during this task was that the layout and structure to link commands was very unorganised and does not provide enough assistance within the activity to help you along.

Overall the task was generally not very hard but the layout of the activity just delays your productivity while doing a project in etoys.

After assessing both of these programs Air sok and I have come to the conclusion that Scratch is a much better program due to its ease of use, well set out help page online and better adaptability to link various commands together.

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