Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Activity

Today Wednesday the 14/11/09 my control tech tried out some new activities on Sugar OS. I tried a game called bargame, it was an easy game to play but hard to win. You had to play a certain amount of balls on the bar and make it so the computer makes the last move to win. If you made the last move then you would lose. I would recommend children/teenagers at the age of 10-12 to try this game.

Here is a Screen shot of the first level of the game.
Description of the game:
The penguin is the computer.
The amount of balls which can be played is under the penguin.
The ball and number to the right is the amount of balls you’re playing that round.
The thumb is used to play your balls.
The refresh sign is to reset the game.
The dice is used to change the background and penguin character.
The Question mark is used to go to the instructions page. ( although it was supposed to be an instruction/description page it had 1 word.) "very dissapointing"

Some good and bad points of the game:
1. It took some thinking to solve, not just luck.
2. It was hard at first and there are three levels.
3. Simple colours
4. It's free.
1. After beating it one the same code always works.
2. Was hard to understand in beginning because there were no instructions.
3. It got boring after 5 minutes because the same code always worked for each level.
4. Graphics and instructions could be improved.

This game made me learn to think of the computers next move and its possibilities that it could make and counter them.

Although the levels are the same I enjoyed the game for the first five minutes. If that five minutes was increased to more than 30 minutes I would rate the game 5/5 but because it got boring after five minutes I rate it 3/5.

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  1. very good analysis / observations

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