Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joel Stanley

Questions asked,
Where did you study electrical engineering?
What motivated you to choose electrical engineering?
What did you doing with the XO?
What other things did you do with the making of the XO?
What is M.I.T ( the dot on the map on the projector )
What did you do in Romania? (another dot from the map)
What did the picture mean? ( the one from the taiwan people and the manufactures )
What did you do in America?
How long did you go?
How was America?
Where the kids who tried to dissemble the XO manage?

Joel Stanley studied electrical engineering at the University of Adelaide. Joel chose to study electrical engineering when he was motivated during a tour when he was touring the University in year 10. Joel’s project was testing the XO; he tested how much heat the XO could handle, the XO was able to take around 60 degrees and still work, this was testing in a pie oven/warmer. Joel also tested to see what components used the most power in the XO and work out ways to save electricity. Joel found out that the displays used the most power in the XO.

Joel explained to us what M.I.T was, it is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At M.I.T there are many smart people. Joel said the game Guitar Hero was made by people at M.I.T and made tons of money from the game.

Joel went on a trip to Romania for a weekend, where he spoke to many people and was recorded. He was asked to do a drop test with the XO but was afraid of what could happen.

In Taiwan the woman are the assemblers of the XO. Mary Lou invented the screen for the XO and Richard Smith invented the low level software for the XO. The two clips for the case of the XO are used as antennas. Joel told us that Mary Lou was working a project where she wanted to adverts to be able to be projected onto objects. Joel also said that Mary wanted to advert things on the moon.

Joel stayed in America for 3 months where he said that it was like a job but instead it was fun and interesting meeting many smart people. Joel also taught two kids, 8 year old boy and 10 year old girl how to dissemble the XO. This showed that kids of aged 8 or more could dissemble the XO.
There was a ad in America two years ago where it was promoting give one get one. This means that you could buy a XO for yourself and give one to someone in a developing country for free.

Overall Joel Stanley was very good because we asked questions and not have him do a proper speech so we only learnt what we wanted to know.


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