Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my impressions of sugar

My first impression of Sugar, the operating system was that tt was very boring to start off with because it looked boring and the games i had picked were boring. Until i played the shape balancing game with kingjamesfan, g.i joe and displayname07. Games that i had played were jigsaw, speech and memorise. Also i found that the games loaded fast and were easy to get to and understand and they didn't lag (slow down or freeze). Sugar has some interesting applications such as chatting games and it can also connect to other computers around it without using the internet.


  1. It sounds like the group game idea was a good one. Read my comment on displayname07.

    Do you think my suggestion for a lesson there is a good one?

    Your writing would be presented more attractively if you used paragraphs

  2. I marked you absent for the Timor Leste presentation. Could you read some of the other blogs about it so you know what happened?